XM.com register: Detailed step-by-step instructions

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XM.com register: The most straightforward and detailed XM registration guide helps traders operate efficiently and quickly with steps including detailed illustrations below.

Supporting documents when registering for an account

A color copy of a valid passport or other official identification document issued by the relevant authorities (e.g., identity card, driver’s license, etc.). Documents must include your full name, issue date, or expiration date. Also, have the client’s whereabouts and your date of birth or tax identification number and signature.

A utility bill (which can be mentioned as a utility bill, gas, water, oil, landline, Internet/cable TV, or bank statement). Documents for the last six months and showing your registered address.


  • The registered name must match the sender’s name (Correct in the bank card)
  • Actual address verification is not required for bank statement/electricity/internet bill…but can be replaced with Driver’s License/face/.. generally different from the picture in identity verification.

Types of trading accounts

The expert reviewers of the XM exchange offer convenient trading conditions and provide a wide range of options for traders to make trades. There are four account types: Micro, Standard, Ultra-Low, and Share to suit the needs of beginners and seasoned traders with flexible conditions. Leverage up to 1:888.

If you are new to the forex market, a demo account is an ideal choice to test your ability to trade on reputable forex brokers. It also allows you to make transactions with virtual currency. So you don’t need to take any risks because your profit or loss is just a simulation. After you gain experience with your trading strategies or have grasped the market and placed orders, you can go to the next step to open an account and trade with real money on XM.

Instructions on how to register for XM.com

Step 1: Register to open a Forex XM.com account

According to the instructions, to register for the XM exchange, you must visit the home page of XM. For easy registration, please visit here:

* See more: The complete guide XM from a to z

The system will now redirect you to the registration area. Please fill in the required information

Personal Details

In this step, you should note:

  • Just enter your first and last name without accents.
  • Your mobile phone number.
  • The email address you are using.

Trading Account Details

In this step, you also need to note:

  • The software type is MT4 or MT5, depending on your needs.
  • The most common account type is the standard account. Once you have opened a standard XM account, you can open many other types of accounts.


  • Check the box to confirm “I agree to receive your newsletters, company news, and product updates.”.
  • Click the button “Proceed to step 2”.

Step 2: Fill in your personal information and address

In this step, you need to note the following:

  • This address information must match the address on the invoice or statement that you will use to verify your account in the future. So you need to have a photo of the invoice ready to fill in.
  • City: Enter the name of the province/city.
  • Street number: Enter the house number (if any) for example, No 105. If your house is number 105, if there is no number, you enter N/A.
  • Residential address: Enter the name of the street, ward, commune, and district.
  • In the US Citizens section, you select “No” if you are in another country.

Supporting documents when registering for an account. Types of trading accounts. Instructions on how to register for XMTrading account details

  • Choose the appropriate currency and leverage.
  • If you want to receive a bonus, select [Yes, I wish to rêcive the bonus] in the [Account Bonus]

Investor Infomation

This section fills in the information that is relevant to your reality.

Supporting documents when registering for an account. Types of trading accounts. Instructions on how to register for XM

Trading Knowledge & Experience

Fill in the information according to your experience

Account password

  • The Account password field must be filled out with English alphabet letters and include three character types: lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and numbers. You also have the option to use any of these special characters: # [ ] ( ) @ $ & * ! ? | , . ^ / \ + _ –
  • 8-15 characters
  • At least one uppercase letter (ABC…)
  • At least one lowercase letter (ABC …)
  • At least one number (123 …)

Supporting documents when registering for an account. Types of trading accounts. Instructions on how to register for XM

Finally, click on the checkbox to accept the terms and click [Open a real account]

Supporting documents when registering for an account. Types of trading accounts. Instructions on how to register for XM

After pressing the button to open a real account successfully, if there are no errors, the system will successfully display the message Open XM account.

Above is the guide to the XM.com register account. To make a transaction, you need to complete account verification and fund your account.


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